Wind Up Insects

Wind up Caterpillar

Cute clockwork caterpillar that slithers along on hidden wheels wiggling its body pleasingly.
Colours vary.
13cm (5") long.

Code 10451

Wind up scrunching Caterpillar

Clockwork caterpillar that propels itself by scrunching then stretching its body repeatedly. Very realistic caterpillar action!
Colours vary
8.5cm (3.5") long.

Code 10452

Wind up Bee, Butterfly and Grasshopper

Colourful clockwork insects that run along nicely while flapping their wings.
Colours vary.
7cm (2.5") long.

Code 10450

Wind up Spider and Turtle

Clockwork spider that scuttles along purposefully.
Colours vary.
6.5cm (2.5") long.
Funny little clockwork turtles that slide about on hidden wheels while their flippers, tails and heads move busily around.
Colours vary.
6.5cm (2.5") long.

Code 10453